Benefits of Groups

  • Groups allow for social engagement of individuals
  • Provides a space for education, discussion and insight
  • Encourages increased level of physical and mental well-being as well as a level of independence
  • A platform for individuals to share common goals and to provide support to one another

Seated Exercise Groups:
Occupational Therapy at Home - Seated Group Classes

  • Provides a safe level of physical engagement
  • It promotes an increase intake of oxygen for mind and body
  • Encourages joint mobility and muscle strengthening for functional tasks
  • Beneficial for health and safety in terms of fall risk client and overall well being

Leisure and Crafts:
Occupational Therapy at Home - Leisure and Crafts Classes

  • Social engagement
  • Cognitively stimulating
  • Improves upper limb function

Cognitive Groups:
Occupational Therapy at Home - Cognitive Classes

  • Mental workout
  • Focuses on various cognitive concerns such as:
    • Visuospatial concerns
    • Attention and concentration
    • Memory and orientation
    • Problem solving and planning
  • Creates a space for increased mental well-being and independence in participating in daily life

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